The Key to a Clean Carpet

Boise Commercial Cleaning Company

Carpet is notoriously difficult to keep clean. It isn't as easy to scrub down as hardwood or tile floor, and any stain that stays on for too long becomes an almost permanent scar on appearance, cleanliness, and sometimes even the comfort of the carpet. The truth is that keeping your carpet clean is as easy as one, two, three.

Cleaning a Rubber Floor

Cleaning Company Boise

Rubber floors aren't exactly commonplace in most buildings--can you imagine how different the business world would be if board meetings and big financial decisions took place on the soft, durable, and reliable rubber of gyms or training facilities? Because we are more used to tile, carpet, or hardwood, the idea of cleaning rubber floors can raise some questions; luckily, our Boise Cleaning Company experts know how to handle it.

Why You Need a Boise Commercial Cleaning Service

Boise Commercial Cleaning Service

In the business landscape, our companies are rather like children. We do a lot to take care of them, and though it can be challenging, exhausting, and complicated, we enjoy every minute of it. We make sure our companies are healthy and strong. We make sure our companies have "friends" to rely on and cooperate with. We make sure our companies get along with all of the other companies (most of the time, anyway). Luckily, good companies have a lot of people looking out for them, so they can grow up with all of the support and wisdom they need to become successful.

The Importance of Window Care

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The humble window is one of the most brilliant and most functional inventions ever devised by humankind. We don't think about windows often, but the truth is that they are huge parts of our lives. Windows influence how we feel about the architecture, shape, and appearance of a building, as well as change our opinions of the company or people housed inside that building. Windows can make us feel comfortable and satisfied or inexplicably dissatisfied, depending on how and where they are placed. Windows can even help to change our outlook on the world--both literally and metaphorically.

Employee Spotlight: Daniel Del Rio

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Daniel Del Rio is the Facilities Manager here at Pro Power Clean and he is probably the most entertaining member of our staff that I have met thus far. When Daniel isn’t reciting the lyrics to songs that I don’t know, he is fixing something and he fixes a lot of things.

Employee Spotlight: Robert DeRose

Boise Commercial Cleaning Company

Robert is the shop assistant here at Pro Power Clean.He has been working here now almost a year and a half. Mostly his days consist of doing laundry, restocking supplies and refueling vehicles for our night crews. Robert does a lot of the prep work for most of our employees.

Work Fridge Cleaning

Boise Commercial Cleaning Service

The work fridge is infamous for being a food battleground. Whether it's unmarked and unclaimed meals, spilled food that no one wants to clean up, or tiny bags of condiments; the work fridge is always full of something or other. Unfortunately, an untidy fridge is a problem for more than just the office clean-freak; plenty of nasty things- like mold- can grow in a fridge that isn't properly maintained. If the first thing that comes to mind when you open that door is health hazard, then it might be time to get some expert advice on cleaning and maintaining the work fridge.

Recycling and Waste Management

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Recycling is something that we have all heard is a good thing since grade school. I can still hear  my 5th grade teacher reciting her recycling moto to our class,

Employee Spotlight: Ed Louy

Cleaning Company Boise

Ed Louy is the Director or Programs and Processes here at Pro Power Clean.Ed is in charge of payroll, making him everyone’s best friend.

Cloud Storage...The best options

Boise Commercial Cleaning Service

There are a lot of cloud based storage options out there but many of them are not that useful. Here at Pro Power Clean we use Google Drive. Google Drive is an incredibly useful tool for any business.


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