Work Fridge Cleaning

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The work fridge is infamous for being a food battleground. Whether it's unmarked and unclaimed meals, spilled food that no one wants to clean up, or tiny bags of condiments; the work fridge is always full of something or other. Unfortunately, an untidy fridge is a problem for more than just the office clean-freak; plenty of nasty things- like mold- can grow in a fridge that isn't properly maintained. If the first thing that comes to mind when you open that door is health hazard, then it might be time to get some expert advice on cleaning and maintaining the work fridge.

Recycling and Waste Management

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Recycling is something that we have all heard is a good thing since grade school. I can still hear  my 5th grade teacher reciting her recycling moto to our class,

Employee Spotlight: Ed Louy

Cleaning Company Boise

Ed Louy is the Director or Programs and Processes here at Pro Power Clean.Ed is in charge of payroll, making him everyone’s best friend.

Cloud Storage...The best options

Boise Commercial Cleaning Service

There are a lot of cloud based storage options out there but many of them are not that useful. Here at Pro Power Clean we use Google Drive. Google Drive is an incredibly useful tool for any business.

Time Tracking, GPS and Tablets that don't break the bank

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Here at Pro Power Clean we are constantly looking for ways to maximize efficiency and improve how we do business. That often comes in the form of new technology to reduce costs, and improve our quality.

Employee Spotlight: Evelyn LaGrande

Boise Commercial Cleaning Company

If you have ever called Pro Power Clean for any reason then you have probably spoken to Evelyn LaGrande.

Hiring a Boise Commercial Cleaning Company

Boise Commercial Cleaning Company

There are many things in life that an individual does not do. For example, most of us do not put on a white coat and go into surgery to save a life. Most of us do not fly airplanes over the Pacific, fight raging fires, write silver-screen blockbusters, drive racecars--the list goes on and on. We might have done them if life had gone differently, but for most of us, these are only pleasant (if stressful) dreams. They are the things we do not do because we do not have the right training.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing

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As winter starts to come to a close a lot of people start spring cleaning. Whether that includes cleaning out the garage, getting rid of old clothes or simply sweeping off the patio, Spring is the time of the year for new beginnings. And pressure washing the side of your house or your sidewalk is a perfect way to do that.

The Benefits of a Cleaning Plan

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We make plans throughout our lives. As children, we make plans to play with friends or go to a favorite store. As teenagers, we make different kinds of plans; we organize school, homework, studying, activities, exercise, social time, and more--and on top of that, we're expected to have a plan for college or further education. As adults, we make plans for our careers, our families, our homes, and, essentially, our lives. Of course, we can organize all we like, but that doesn't mean things will always go according to plan.


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