Former Employee Forges Her Own Way

We are so excited to brag about one of our former employees, Lorena Jimenez who parted with Pro Power Clean to run her own business – the best little Mexican Grill in town! We are hooked on Lorena’s Mexican Grill, located on Fairview in Boise (inside the Mister Carwash parking lot). We were not surprised to see that Lorena’s holds a nearly perfect rating on Yelp, Facebook and Urbanspoon.

A New Sign Eases the Pain of Construction

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If you have been near our building recently you may have noticed the thorn in our side that is the Emerald/Five Mile construction project. While some days have proven to be challenging to get in, out and around our building, we are excited for the changes that it will bring. Improvements do tend to come with temporary sacrifices after all. What’s it all about? Wider road, added lanes, new sidewalk, better curb appeal and most exciting of all: A NEW SIGN!

Client, Axiom Fitness Expands

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We love to see great local businesses growing and expanding, especially when they are our clients. We have had the honor of servicing Axiom Fitness locations since their inception and the years prior when they were under the Gold’s Gym franchise.

Tis The Season For Giving Back

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As the year is wrapping up we have a lot of things to be grateful for and one of those things is our wonderful community. We feel that our community is a large part of the reason that our business has thrived over the years. Because of this and the great people around us, we are always looking for ways that we can give back to our community throughout the year and especially during the holidays.

Your Pressure Washing Specialists

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Commercial cleaning companies offer a lot of different services to a lot of different clients. Typically, Pro Power Clean is able to find exactly what our clients need and provide that service. This is especially true with specialty services like our pressure washing. Since our inception, we have been pressure washing specialist, using our methods and expertise to clean the toughest environments.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

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Undertaking a large cleaning project isn’t just something that people need to do in the spring; it’s something that needs to be done year round. That’s where the term summer cleaning comes from. Is this your first time hearing about it? Well, we’re coining the term right now! Don’t wait until spring to get some cleaning done, get your office cleaned on a regular basis to promote positive morale and clean work environment.

The Telecommuter's Guide to Office Cleaning

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At Pro Power Clean, we pride ourselves in making your workplace feel a little more like home. We believe that a clean office boosts both positivity and productivity on the job. In other words: "a clean office is a happy office."

The Benefits of Being a Respected Company

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Within certain industries, companies run into more competition than others. Competition is great thing to have in the marketplace as it keeps businesses changing and positively evolving and it also gives the consumer a greater choice in business. Without competition, business would be free to charge whatever price they would like and would not care about the job they present to their clients.

Keeping up with Regular Cleaning

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At Pro Power Clean, we are often asked what are stance is on a regular cleaning schedule versus a different approach that favors a one-time deep clean every so often. The answer can really be formed in a couple of different ways, but the majority of the time, a regular, scheduled cleaning is always more preferred to a cleaning that only take place once in a while. While both options are working to get your office clean, there are benefits realized from the former option that you just don’t get with the latter option.

Meticulous Cleaning Tricks

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As spring-cleaning quickly approaches, you find yourself thinking what more can I do this year to give my home that extra detail and attention. Granted that some of these tips are meticulous, they’ll leave your home fresh and bright. Here are a couple of cleaning tricks perfect for spring-cleaning:

Clean your cleaning machine - using white vinegar pour 2 cups into your washer and let sit for 1 hour then run a complete cycle.

Stainless steel appliances – using a few drops of water, cream of tartar and a sponge to get your stainless steel appliances looking brand new.


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