The Benefits of Green Cleaning

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This month, we’ve talked a little about the emerging trends within the cleaning industry and how exactly one could go about being more environmentally conscious when cleaning their office or home. The next topic to discuss should then logically be to talk about some of the benefits that can be realized when using green supplies and habits when cleaning. Being a Boise commercial cleaning company has given us some very special insight to this growing trend.

Watching for the Latest Industry Trends

Commercial Cleaning Boise

When speaking about the cleaning industry and all of its constituents, we sometimes forget about some of the innovations and trends that are made available by suppliers of the products we use. One of the trends that seems to have made an impact in the following years has been that of making products easier to use and more accessible. This can be seen in the advances pertaining to the effectiveness of cleaning solutions and the invention of cleaning wipes to get the job done.

Tips for Greener Cleaning

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The underlying trend of many industries for the past few years has been to become more environmentally conscious in operations and conducting business with a greener outlook. The cleaning industry is no exception to this trend and Boise’s premier cleaning company has taken notice of these trends. Cleaning smarter and cleaning greener is an aim that we can all undertake when taking part in our cleaning routines.

2012 Brings Growth, Advancement and Giving

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As we kick off 2013, we reflect on a great 2012 for Pro Power Clean. This coming year marks our 19th year in business and we are excited to see what’s in store as we move forward. We are proud to celebrate another year of continued growth, technological advances and opportunities to give back to the wonderful community we call home.

Why You Need a Powerwash

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Powerwashing is one of those aspects of cleaning that is sometimes overlooked as unnecessary or a waste of funds/time. Who needs to blast a bunch of high-pressured water at the concrete or walls to clean something? Well the answer to this question may be more apparent than you think.

Cleaning Habits we should All Follow

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Have you ever been in a situation where the clutter and mess in your office is out of control? One day, you walk into your workspace and find that you can hardly see the floor under all the piles of paperwork and things to do. This offers the stark reminder that the office is much more than merely placing furniture in the right place. It reminds us that the way we set up our office can sometimes lead to unnecessary clutter and distractions.

Need a Pressure Wash?

So you’ve decided to pull the old “do-it-yourself” handyman’s book off of your garage bookshelf, blow the dust off, and turn to the chapter on pressure washing. There’s been tons of gunk building up in the cracks of your concrete driveway and it’s about time that you show that gunk who is boss. Plus, your wife has been asking you to do this for a few weeks now, so in your own self-interest, it may be time to get this job done.

Finding the Best Commercial Cleaning Service

So you’ve just been commissioned by your boss to find a commercial cleaning company in Boise that can handle weekly cleaning at your office? Before you start asking “why me?”, remember that this decision doesn’t need to be hard. Sure, there are plenty of people to choose from, but that doesn’t mean that you should pick a company at random. What you need is a company that has a proven track record for honesty, integrity, and amazing results.

A Little Boise Love

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Your One-Stop-Shop for Hard Floors

At Pro Power Clean, one of our specialties is providing businesses in the Treasure Valley professional hard floor cleaning services. By taking a peek at our references, you can see for yourself that our clients are more than pleased with the outcome of our services. By going with Pro Power Clean for you hard floor surface maintenance needs, you’re not only trusting professionals, but you’re also receiving peace of mind that you are working in a clean environment.

Some of the surface types we specialize in include:


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