Commercial Window Cleaning

We provide a thorough cleaning of all glass surfaces and windows for the interior and exterior of commercial properties in the Boise area. This is accomplished through our affiliate whose specialty is to ensure that your windows and glass surfaces are sparkling clean.

Window Cleaning Services for Single Story Buildings to High-Rise Offices

From a single-story retail building to a high-rise office, we provide window cleaning services that are efficient and timely.

Don't put yourself at risk by suspending yourself (or an employee) over several floors to clean your windows. This risk can be avoided by hiring a professional. We have precautionary measures in place to prevent injury and we get the job done well without you having to sweat over safety hazards.

Scheduled Window Cleaning Options

We offer one-time window cleaning services and have scheduled maintenance programs available for long term window and glass cleaning jobs. This takes the stress of appearances off of you and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your space is always looking pristine.

The Benefits of Clean Windows

Window cleaning can get passed up quickly on a list of things to do, but there are benefits from regular washing.

Increase Curb Appeal: For customers who only encounter a window once or relatively little, they will notice the dirt. Have a cleaning company wash your windows on a schedule to prevent grime build-up that you may not have noticed built up over time.

Improved Employee Health: Employees with allergies can be sensitive to dirt and dust that settles into the office, and your windows are a prime spot for allergens to hang out. By cleaning your windows, you're minimizing allergens in the office and contributing to happier, healthier employees.


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