Essential Floor Cleaning Services for Every Business

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No one wants to walk into a business with a dirty floor. After all, if they leave their floors so dirty, what other problems are they letting go on? To keep your business' floor from driving customers away, and embarrassing your employees, you need regular commercial cleaning services.

Getting That First Impression Right

When you have another employee add some floor cleaning onto their duties, you give them a lot of physical work to do, and they will not be able to keep up with their job as usual. And, because their time is so constrained, you risk leaving the important job of floor cleaning undone. This means that even if you think the job has been done, it might not have been possible to do often enough. That leaves the dirty floors there to give your customers and clients a bad first impression. With a regular cleaning service, you ensure that this never happens.

The Equipment Needed

When the floors have to be kept clean, the right equipment is needed for the job. When you have regular commercial cleaning, your team will have the right tools for different types of flooring. Taking care of polished concrete or tile floors is very different from the care needed for hardwoods or carpeting. The floor may need to be stripped and then waxed if the flooring type is a waxable one. Tile that shines is often the type that needs to be waxed, and it's an undertaking for the pros. First, the old finish and the sealers are removed from the surface. Then, multiple coats of wax are applied and allowed to dry.

Burnishing Floors

Burnishing floors is another method of making the floors shine. It's a way to deeply clean the floors, removing all surface debris and then just the top of the old wax layers. The right tools are needed to remove that layer and then to smooth the surface to a shiny finish. This is often done in high-traffic areas of a business such as the lobby and waiting areas.

Whether the commercial cleaning you need is to hardwood floors, tile or anything else, contact us to find out what we can do for you. A great floor always leaves a great impression.