Germs in the Workplace

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Human beings are social creatures. Our societies function on teamwork and unity, our cities are assembled with extreme care to maximize the number of gathering places, and almost everything we do affects or is affected by someone else. One of the places where this is most obvious is in the workplace. Humans gather in offices from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to work together, talk to customers, and get things done. Unfortunately, this unity not only brings people together--it also brings germs together, and the spread of germs in the workplace can be a big problem.

The Workplace

Phones. Computers. Conference tables. Break rooms. If people use a thing or gather in a place, you can bet that germs use the same thing and gather in the same place. The workplace is a natural harbor for viruses and germ-based hazards. The natural solution is to keep the workplace clean--but that can be harder than it sounds. Which cleaning products get rid of the most germs? Where are germs most prominent in the workplace? How do you keep an office clean? Luckily, there are a few tips to keep in mind when preventing the spread of germs in the workplace.

What You Can Do

While the workplace is a natural "germ receptacle," there is still hope. You can keep a workplace clean and prevent the spread of germs by applying a few simple tricks.

  • Find hot spots. Consider your workplace. Where does it seem likely that germs would be most numerous? Your mind is likely to jump immediately to something like toilet seats or water faucets--but don't be limited to considering the bathroom. Door knobs, keyboards, copier buttons, and cup handles can all be culprits of germ-spreading, too.
  • Patrol hot spots. Once you've identified the germ hot spots in your office, stay on top of them. Disinfect them regularly. Educate employees about these hot spots. And remember, touching one of these surfaces and then touching your desk makes your desk a new hot spot. Germs spread quickly and furiously.
  • Keep cleaning tools handy. Having a few disinfectant wipes constantly on hand is probably one of the best ways you can keep your office safe from the uncontrolled spread of germs and bacteria. Hand sanitizer, soap, and tissues are just a few more tools you'll want to keep close.
  • Wash hands. This simple task has been pounded into our brains since we could understand the two words. Wash your hands. It's a simple yet powerful way to minimize the spread of germs in the workplace, and it's just a good habit.

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