Easy Steps for Cleaning your Office

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We know you’ve heard of “Spring Cleaning”, but that doesn’t give you the excuse to sit around all year and then finally get up to do some cleaning once the trees start blossoming again. If everyone functioned this way, we would be sitting in a waist high sea of trash for the majority of the year. Not only being socially unacceptable, it’s always most likely a health hazard. That’s why operating within a clean office can be very conducive to productivity and success.

Follow These Steps 

How can someone overcome the, sometimes daunting, task of cleaning an office that has gone awry? You don’t need to call in the reinforcements just yet. It just takes a little elbow grease to get started and once you’re done, you’ll be glad you did it. Pro Power Clean is happy to provide you with some steps to get your office in shipshape in no time.

  1. Go through all the areas of your office, desk, and shelves and get rid of all the trash. This is the first and easiest step. Remember to shred all sensitive information.
  2. Sort the paper on your desk into piles. The piles can represent paper that you can throw away, paper that needs recycled, and paper that needs to be filed.
  3. Wipe down all the equipment on your desk including your computer, mouse and keyboard, stapler, and phone.
  4. Spray your desk with a safe cleaner and wipe up any germs that may have accumulated.
  5. Don’t forget to vacuum the carpet. Now that you are armed with some easy steps to clean your office, you’re able to clean it more often. 

Don't Forget These Areas

Here are some things you can’t skip when cleaning an office:

  • Trashcans and wastebaskets need to be emptied and cleaned.
  • Loose paper that has somehow escaped the wastebaskets throughout the week needs to be rounded up and taken care of.
  • Clean the desks and devices on the desks. This includes phones, keyboards, lamps, and any other devices that might be used during the day.
  • Look for coffee stains on the desk or other tables that are used.
  • Vacuum the office area and make sure to mop uncarpeted areas.
  • Go above and beyond and sort trash for recycling.

Still need a little help? Do the right thing and call your local professionals to handle the dirty work and get the job done right.

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