Hiring a Boise Commercial Cleaning Company

Boise Commercial Cleaning Company

There are many things in life that an individual does not do. For example, most of us do not put on a white coat and go into surgery to save a life. Most of us do not fly airplanes over the Pacific, fight raging fires, write silver-screen blockbusters, drive racecars--the list goes on and on. We might have done them if life had gone differently, but for most of us, these are only pleasant (if stressful) dreams. They are the things we do not do because we do not have the right training.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing

Boise Commercial Cleaning Service

As winter starts to come to a close a lot of people start spring cleaning. Whether that includes cleaning out the garage, getting rid of old clothes or simply sweeping off the patio, Spring is the time of the year for new beginnings. And pressure washing the side of your house or your sidewalk is a perfect way to do that.

The Benefits of a Cleaning Plan

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We make plans throughout our lives. As children, we make plans to play with friends or go to a favorite store. As teenagers, we make different kinds of plans; we organize school, homework, studying, activities, exercise, social time, and more--and on top of that, we're expected to have a plan for college or further education. As adults, we make plans for our careers, our families, our homes, and, essentially, our lives. Of course, we can organize all we like, but that doesn't mean things will always go according to plan.

Helping Your Floors Survive the Winter!

Boise Commercial Cleaning Company

It’s winter time and there is ice and snow everywhere. A lot of people put ice melt down on their concrete to get rid of snow and ice which works but if you don’t shovel the granules away after the ice melts it can ruin your floors and your walkways. This is a common mistake that most people make and the results can be disastrous. Ice melt if left on concrete eats away at the concrete over time, when people come into the building the granules can get stuck on the bottom of their shoes. Now you have granules of ice melt all over your floor.

Staying Healthy at Work

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What is your favorite part of winter? Perhaps you're completely enthralled with the bright lights, gorgeous sights, and happy times of the holidays. Maybe you'd rather avoid the whole "holiday" thing; maybe you just like breaking out the warm clothes (and the ugly sweaters!). Or, perhaps you're the kind of person who prefers the majesty and silence of a snowy winter's night, the snowflakes drifting past the window, the world sleeping under a white blanket. Whatever you love about winter, you're probably not a fan of the cold and flu viruses that come along with the cold weather.

A Look Back at 2015

We sat down with our staff at the beginning of 2016, and before looking forward, decided to look back and reflect on the things we were thankful for last year. Enjoy!



What’s Coming in 2016? An Interview with Linda Allsbury

As 2016 rolls around a lot of companies are reflecting on their wins and losses of the past year and looking towards what they can do this year to improve their businesses. There is a lot for a small business to consider when looking at how to plan for the future, many changes are expected to happen in 2016, new president, changes to the Affordable Care Act, new technological releases such as the Oculus Rift, and a leap day on February 29th. Recently I sat down with Pro Power Clean’s President, Linda Allsbury and asked her a couple of questions concerning what’s coming in the new year.

Why Tile and Grout Need Professional Care

Boise Commercial Cleaning Service

We like to think that we can do anything. After all, with a little Internet research and a few well-picked videos, couldn't anyone write a novel, fly an airplane, invent something new, or discover a new subspecies of beetle? Okay, maybe not. But the truth is, when we put our minds to it, we can get a lot accomplished, even if it's not flying an airplane or discovering a new beetle. One area where we're fairly confident about our expertise is in cleaning. After all, we've been cleaning one way or another for most of our lives.

Cleaning the Sink

Boise Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleaning is sort of like a battle. We fight on many fronts; we wage war on hundreds of different kinds of enemies; we have sprays, wipes, sponges, mops, brooms, and thousands of other cleaning supplies that act as our weapons arsenal. Winning the battle means beating the germs and casting an approving eye over a now-sparkling workspace, bathroom, or break room. Losing the battle means allowing germs to take hold of the places we frequent, and that can lead to the spread of disease, a drop in morale, and an overall uncomfortable workplace.

Does Your Office Need a Deep Clean?

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Let's face it: offices can get filthy. Any location that hosts large numbers of people for long stretches of time is a location generally thought of as germ-covered, and the workplace is certainly no exception. However, even though our minds naturally conjure up images of public restrooms when we think of places in need of a deep clean, other areas of the office are just as guilty. How many people have used that doorknob in just one day? How many people touch the phones, the keyboards, the printers? What about the tables and desks and chairs?


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