A Cheat Sheet for Retail Cleaning

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Customers are bound to notice when they walk into a dirty retail store. It is off-putting and can cause a decline in sales. To avoid this at your Boise retail store, read through this quick retail cleaning cheat sheet.

Consider Your Layout

While the entirety of your store should be kept clean, there are areas you can prioritize. Start with your entrance. Windows should be kept free of smudges and dust away from ledges. The items placed at the front are probably the ones you are hoping to sell so make sure they are kept organized, and the tables are wiped down. Multi-purpose cleaning supplies are perfect for these areas and will ensure a positive first interaction.

How to Fight Germs in Schools the Right Way

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School is meant to educate and inspire kids in a healthy, happy environment. That can be a difficult goal to achieve when having so many kids in one spot makes it easy for colds to be passed around. Read on to learn about keeping germs at bay in schools.

Why Schools are Affected

Children with colds account for the most doctors visits and missed days of school. Being at school puts children in close contact with each other while their immune systems are developing an unable to ward off every cold. This means it is important to educate kids on how to avoid sharing germs.

Why the Hospitality Industry Needs Cleaning Companies

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Going on vacation is a highlight of the summer for most people, and many of their travel plans will involve staying at a hotel. The process of choosing a hotel often involves reading reviews and scoping out how clean a hotel is. Hygiene is a top priority for hotels and can always be improved upon. If you are looking for ways to increase your customer satisfaction and overall image, hiring a cleaning company can bring many benefits.

Focus on Tough Spots

While you probably already have a cleaning team in place, it’s possible that they are stretched thin. Your team should focus on client specific places such as beds, bathrooms, and reception areas. A cleaning company, on the other hand, can come in and provide routine maintenance cleaning for less used areas.

A Clean Classroom is the Best Kind of Classroom

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Classrooms are not generally considered one of the cleaner places on Earth, and for a good reason. Exploring, learning, and trying new things just naturally leads to a few messes here and there; and while that's not a problem, these messes can build up in between professional cleanings. That's why it's important to know some simple, everyday tips to keep your classroom tidy.

Watching for the Latest Industry Trends

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When speaking about the cleaning industry and all of its constituents, we sometimes forget about some of the innovations and trends that are made available by suppliers of the products we use. One of the trends that seems to have made an impact in the following years has been that of making products easier to use and more accessible. This can be seen in the advances pertaining to the effectiveness of cleaning solutions and the invention of cleaning wipes to get the job done.

2012 Brings Growth, Advancement and Giving

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As we kick off 2013, we reflect on a great 2012 for Pro Power Clean. This coming year marks our 19th year in business and we are excited to see what’s in store as we move forward. We are proud to celebrate another year of continued growth, technological advances and opportunities to give back to the wonderful community we call home.

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