A Cheat Sheet for Retail Cleaning

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Customers are bound to notice when they walk into a dirty retail store. It is off-putting and can cause a decline in sales. To avoid this at your Boise retail store, read through this quick retail cleaning cheat sheet.

Consider Your Layout

While the entirety of your store should be kept clean, there are areas you can prioritize. Start with your entrance. Windows should be kept free of smudges and dust away from ledges. The items placed at the front are probably the ones you are hoping to sell so make sure they are kept organized, and the tables are wiped down. Multi-purpose cleaning supplies are perfect for these areas and will ensure a positive first interaction.

Engage Employees

Cleaning an entire store can be daunting, but with a little teamwork, you can tackle it quickly. Break your employees into groups that rotate cleaning so eyes are always in areas that can become messy. Keep cleaning supplies stocked and lead by example by completing your assigned cleaning task every day. Once a routine is in place, your team will accept cleaning as a part of their daily routine.

Enlist the Help of a Cleaning Company

There are specific cleaning tasks you can spread out amongst yourself and other team members, but keeping an entire retail store clean can difficult. A cleaning company can handle deep cleaning floors, dressing rooms, and storage areas. An experienced business will clean your store quickly and efficiently. Depending on the cleaning company you can decide how often you’d like the service done.

Prioritizing high volume areas and engaging your employees in keeping your retail store clean will help your store acquire repeat customers. A cleaning company is another useful tool to make sure you are not leaving any areas untouched. To learn more about hiring a cleaning company in Boise, contact us today!