The Complete Checklist for a Clean Restroom

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While the entirety of your building reflects back to your business, there is one area that stands out. The restroom is a necessity of life and probably the most frequently visited room in your space. Maintaining a bathroom can be simple, but when neglected is painfully obvious.

Signs You Need a Cleaning Overhaul

It’s quite clear when a bathroom is not being cleaned thoroughly. The first offense is usually an unpleasant smell. Overflowing trash receptacles and lack of supplies soon follow the scent. It’s important that restrooms not only appear clean but receive constant sanitization. Employees and customers are aware that bathrooms are a hub for germs and want to know that they are not exposing themselves possible illness. If your restrooms appear dirty, then they are not being cleaned in a way that decreases germs. Show your employees and customers that you care by enlisting an efficient cleaning company.

Following Proper Protocol

Hiring the right cleaning company can make all the difference. Ask them to adhere to this checklist to maintain a clean and pleasant restroom.

  • Extensive cleaning of 'hot spots’ or high traffic areas such as sinks and toilet handles
  • Frequent restocking of supplies: toilet paper, paper towels, and toilet liners
  • Regular trash removal
  • Routine inspection of automated machines like dryers and sinks
  • Systematically cleaning behind and around toilet base
  • Proper steps of cleaning and then disinfection
  • Floors and counters kept free of debris and cleaned regularly

You can add to this list depending on the individual needs of your organization.

An efficient and consistent cleaning company will have processes or checklists like these that hold them and their employees accountable. Proper communication is also essential in forming expectations.

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