Increasing the Longevity of Your Building

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When we think about cleaning, we rarely consider it a way to protect the longevity and value of a building's assets--but the truth is, that's exactly what it means to clean. You're not just improving the workplace or making things more attractive to customers. Everything you clean is an asset, and to protect those assets, you have to know how.

The Importance of Cleaning

You've heard a thousand times before that good hygiene makes happy employees and happier customers. A filthy workplace can lead to a thinned workforce thanks to sick days, and efficiency will suffer--and that's not to mention the impressions that a dirty building will give to new and returning customers alike. Yes, cleaning is important, but it's even more important when you consider everything from your hard floors to your windows to be an asset. Each of these assets has a life expectancy and, often, a hefty replacement price tag--so in order to make sure that everything stays clean, good looking, reliable, and long-lived, it's important to establish a cleaning routine and hire a commercial cleaning company to do regular deep cleans.

Protecting Assets

Which assets can be protected with proper cleaning?

  • Carpet: Carpet can get expensive fast. It's always best to protect what you have rather than replace it, so remember that it's crucial to set up regular deep cleanings and more frequent maintenance for high-traffic areas.
  • Hard flooring: One of the benefits of a hard floor is that it's easier to clean, but it can also be easier to damage. Make sure that your hard floor is getting the deep clean it deserves from your cleaning company--and don't forget to ask about ways to protect the floor in high-traffic areas.
  • Windows: The truth is that windows are hard to maintain. There's a lot of cleaning to be done, from seals to frames and everything in between--but windows can be protected by making sure that no sprinklers hit the glass, ensuring that you do smaller cleanings occasionally, and asking that your cleaning company pay extra attention to the windows.

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