Do Your Restrooms Need Commercial Cleaning?

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You can have the kindest employees, the best customer service, and the most amazing company in the world--but if your restrooms aren't sparkling clean, potential and existing clients alike might still form negative impressions. Don't let bathrooms get in your way; here are a few signs you need commercial cleaning (and how it helps put these rooms where they belongs: at the very back of your mind!).

Essential Cleaning: The Office Bathroom

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Reality check: your office bathroom was an essential cleaning area before Covid-19, but now keeping the entire office -- especially the bathroom -- clean and sanitized is a critical business need. Suppose your customers use the bathroom at your location. In that case, that's even more reason to put in the extra time (not much!) and money (worthwhile to save your business!) to invest in janitorial services for specifically your restroom, but your entire office if needed.

The Best Ever Solution for Restroom Maintenance

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Nothing is worse than having to use an uncleaned restroom. With so many people passing through commercial restrooms staying on top of maintenance can be an issue. So how do you tackle the problem of keeping a clean restroom? Let’s first look at what you don’t want to see.

Signs You Need a Cleaning Company

The first sign of a dirty restroom can often be noticed before or right when opening the door, an unwelcoming stench. Our sense of smell is the easiest to offend, and it doesn’t take much. A bad odor also usually conveys that there is a risk of contracting germs and illness. Here are a few other signs the restroom has not been taken care of:

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