A Clean Office can Reduce Employee Sick Time in Winter

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 12/28/2020 - 09:59
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As an office manager, you have seen the impact that illness can have in your office. You may have often realized some additional cleaning and sanitation measures that could prevent future illnesses like the flu or the common cold.

According to research, one sick employee can infect 50% of the office's surfaces in just hours. While today's workplaces have made it unacceptable to arrive at work sick, that means that employees may be calling in sick with a sniffle or if they aren't sure if they have symptoms or not, just to be safe.

To get ahead of potential capacity issues with your staff out on sick leave, keeping your office clean with the help of professionals can save your business and protect your health this winter.

Professional Cleaning for a Healthy Office

When your employees are on board with protecting your office from illness, they will contribute to the effort. However, with wiping down surfaces, washing hands, and cleaning dishes, it's still hard to get the deep clean that will keep people safe in your office for the entire winter.

It's easy to achieve a safe and healthy workforce when you establish the following office procedures:

  • Hand washing and sanitizing stations
  • Wiping all surfaces after use
  • No shared consumables or dishes
  • Regularly clean shared spaces like break rooms
  • Weekly deep cleans in high traffic areas
  • Regular trash removal

Improve Efficiency with Cleaning Services

If any of the above sounds like a lot, then asking the pros for help is your best way to protect your teams.

Let's Talk

Set your employees up for success - and health and wellness - this winter by working with a professional office cleaning team. To ensure safety and cleanliness across your office, talk to Pro Power Clean - with thorough office cleaning services, Pro Power Clean will help you get through the winter without too many sick days. Let's talk.