Choosing the Right Cleaning Service

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Cleaning in progress sign in focus with cleaning crew moping and polishing floors in blurred background

Commercial cleaning is a difficult service to navigate - you want to choose the right partner and know that you are getting a high-quality, reliable service.

Luckily, Pro Power Clean knows what businesses are looking for and can exceed your expectations with a variety of top-notch cleaning services.

Pro Power Clean services include janitorial, hard floor surface maintenance, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and high heat pressure washing.

What to Look for in Services

When you are building a partnership with a professional cleaning service, you'll want to do a regular interview as well as ask a few pointed questions.

Commercial cleaning has a major security feature - you need to ensure that your cleaning company respects your company security and data - so it's worth going through a rigorous process to select the right partner.

Questions to Ask

Here are a few questions you will want to talk to your cleaning provider about:

How are employees compensated? Be aware of hiring and payment practices to ensure you are working with an 'above ground' company.

What type of background checks are completed? You want to trust the cleaning team performing work in your office.

How is payment managed? Stick to any contracts and ensure that you understand payment processing methods.

Is the company bonded and insured? Bonded means you can collect money if the company doesn't deliver on the contract, and insurance covers injury, health, or damages. This provides some peace of mind and protection in case of an incident.

Partner with the Most Reliable Cleaning Service in the Boise Area

Pro Power Clean is the most reliable professional cleaning service provider in the valley, and also offers a wide variety of services to meet all of your cleaning needs. Ready to outsource the job to get it done right? Talk to Pro Power Clean today.