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Are You Getting a Fair Quote For Commercial Cleaning?

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In general, a commercial cleaning company wants to help keep your office healthy, safe, and professional, and they know that treating you fairly creates a win-win relationship. However, some companies are just out to make a dollar, and they're not above charging way too much. Here's how to make sure you're working with an honest, reliable company and getting a fair quote!

Essential Floor Cleaning Services for Every Business

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No one wants to walk into a business with a dirty floor. After all, if they leave their floors so dirty, what other problems are they letting go on? To keep your business' floor from driving customers away, and embarrassing your employees, you need regular commercial cleaning services.

3 Benefits of Working in the Cleaning Industry

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Boise cleaning company jobs

When you’re seeking employment, there are plenty of different fields that you might be looking into. One that should be on your radar is the cleaning industry. At Pro Power Clean, we have seen how there is plenty of stability in this industry, mainly because things always need to be cleaned and people are needed to do that. Thus, regardless of what’s going on in the economy, commercial cleaners always have work to do.

A Cheat Sheet for Retail Cleaning

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Cleaning Company Boise

Customers are bound to notice when they walk into a dirty retail store. It is off-putting and can cause a decline in sales. To avoid this at your Boise retail store, read through this quick retail cleaning cheat sheet.

Consider Your Layout

While the entirety of your store should be kept clean, there are areas you can prioritize. Start with your entrance. Windows should be kept free of smudges and dust away from ledges. The items placed at the front are probably the ones you are hoping to sell so make sure they are kept organized, and the tables are wiped down. Multi-purpose cleaning supplies are perfect for these areas and will ensure a positive first interaction.

Professional Window Cleaning is Guaranteed to Make Your Life Easier

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window washing by Cleaning Company Boise

Whatever type of business you run, dealing with building maintenance issues is bound to come up. One area that needs regular attention is the windows. If you’ve been trying to clean windows on your own and are looking for window washing options, consider hiring a professional.

The Benefits of Clean Windows

Window cleaning can get passed up quickly on a list of things to do, but there are benefits gained from regular washing.

5 Things to Look for In a Commercial Cleaning Service

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5 Things to Look for In a Commercial Cleaning Service

Keeping your office, building, or property clean portrays to your customers that you care and notice details. Instead of choosing any random commercial cleaning service in Boise, there are a few things you should look for:

1. Consistency

An excellent cleaning service is only as good as its results as a whole. You want to be assured that the cleaning procedures you request are followed through to completion every single time. Make sure your commercial cleaning service is committed to a quality job that will show throughout the entirety of their contract and beyond. Consistency also indicates that a company believes in accountability.

Sanitizing vs. Disinfecting in Medical Facilities

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medical equipment in a facility

A clean facility is of utmost importance for medical providers. When it comes to applying cleaning products to specific areas, there can be some confusion about whether the area needs to be sanitized or disinfected. These are two different processes with separate outcomes. Read on to learn the difference.

The Purpose of Sanitizing

To sanitize an area is to reduce the present bacteria to an acceptable public safety level. Public health measures are put in place to determine these levels, and it is critical for medical facilities to maintain them. Use sanitization measures on all surfaces, areas, and equipment.

The Best Ever Solution for Restroom Maintenance

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Nothing is worse than having to use an uncleaned restroom. With so many people passing through commercial restrooms staying on top of maintenance can be an issue. So how do you tackle the problem of keeping a clean restroom? Let’s first look at what you don’t want to see.

Signs You Need a Cleaning Company

The first sign of a dirty restroom can often be noticed before or right when opening the door, an unwelcoming stench. Our sense of smell is the easiest to offend, and it doesn’t take much. A bad odor also usually conveys that there is a risk of contracting germs and illness. Here are a few other signs the restroom has not been taken care of:

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