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How to Fight Germs in Schools the Right Way

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School is meant to educate and inspire kids in a healthy, happy environment. That can be a difficult goal to achieve when having so many kids in one spot makes it easy for colds to be passed around. Read on to learn about keeping germs at bay in schools.

Why Schools are Affected

Children with colds account for the most doctors visits and missed days of school. Being at school puts children in close contact with each other while their immune systems are developing an unable to ward off every cold. This means it is important to educate kids on how to avoid sharing germs.

A Clean Classroom is the Best Kind of Classroom

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Classrooms are not generally considered one of the cleaner places on Earth, and for a good reason. Exploring, learning, and trying new things just naturally leads to a few messes here and there; and while that's not a problem, these messes can build up in between professional cleanings. That's why it's important to know some simple, everyday tips to keep your classroom tidy.

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