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The Importance of Maintaining Clean Windows

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Why are your windows in your office something you should be worrying about? Well for one, it’s your gateway to the outside world, a temporary means of escape from the drag of the office. But it’s also what your customers see as part of your storefront and presentation to the outside world. You want to be able to make a good impression on clients, customers, and potential clients.

Keeping Your Office Clean in the Summer

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The sun invigorates people and makes for a positive attitude. That’s probably why people love summer so much! While longer days and warm nights have people dreaming about their vacation, it’s still important to maintain a clean office. Rid on for some tips for keeping the office tidy in the summer.

Start Fall Off Right With These 3 Cleaning Services

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We all know the term 'Spring Cleaning', and it usually happens more often than just in the Spring. Often it isn't met very fondly- and who can blame you? That is why your business should take a look at these three particular services offered by your local Nampa cleaning company. It might be just what your office needs to get the fourth quarter rolling right.

Professional Cleaning (Your Company Will Thank You)

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We all know how important cleaning is--but do you know how important a professional cleaning can be for a business? It's not just about appearances.

Nampa Cleaning Company: Carpet Woes

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Office carpets can get pretty nasty--and who can blame them? After all, it's the carpet that is being stepped on all day by countless pairs of feet; it's the carpet that catches every spilled drink, every crumb, every dust-bunny. You may not realize it, but every office--even yours--is likely to have some carpet woes.

Keeping Your Nampa Office Clean and Healthy

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It's not always easy to keep an office or workspace clean, and it's even harder to make sure that germs don't spread from person to person and end up making the whole office sick. In truth, the two things are intricately connected--ensuring that your workplace gets a regular scrubbing by our Nampa Cleaning Company will not only make things look tidy and professional, it will also keep coworkers healthy and happy.

Staying Healthy at Work

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What is your favorite part of winter? Perhaps you're completely enthralled with the bright lights, gorgeous sights, and happy times of the holidays. Maybe you'd rather avoid the whole "holiday" thing; maybe you just like breaking out the warm clothes (and the ugly sweaters!). Or, perhaps you're the kind of person who prefers the majesty and silence of a snowy winter's night, the snowflakes drifting past the window, the world sleeping under a white blanket. Whatever you love about winter, you're probably not a fan of the cold and flu viruses that come along with the cold weather.

A Look Back at 2015

We sat down with our staff at the beginning of 2016, and before looking forward, decided to look back and reflect on the things we were thankful for last year. Enjoy!



What’s Coming in 2016? An Interview with Linda Allsbury

As 2016 rolls around a lot of companies are reflecting on their wins and losses of the past year and looking towards what they can do this year to improve their businesses. There is a lot for a small business to consider when looking at how to plan for the future, many changes are expected to happen in 2016, new president, changes to the Affordable Care Act, new technological releases such as the Oculus Rift, and a leap day on February 29th. Recently I sat down with Pro Power Clean’s President, Linda Allsbury and asked her a couple of questions concerning what’s coming in the new year.

Dirty Bathrooms Are a No Go

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We spend a lot of our time trying not to judge a book by its cover. However, in business, things are a little different. While customers aren't necessarily judging your business by its "cover," there are a few key areas that sway their opinions. Their reactions to these areas will either draw them in or send them hurrying away without so much as a backward glance. For example, have you ever tried to work with a specific business, only to go somewhere else because you were treated rudely by the staff?


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