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How Your Business Benefits From Commercial Cleaners

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If you’re working full-time, let’s face it: your office is practically your second home. And not only is it your second home, it’s also the second home to all of your co-workers and employees! With so many people spending so many hours there, there’s no question that you need to take good care of it. Unfortunately, for many businesses, this isn’t always the case.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

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Undertaking a large cleaning project isn’t just something that people need to do in the spring; it’s something that needs to be done year-round. That’s where the term summer cleaning comes from. Is this your first time hearing about it? Well, we’re coining the term right now! Don’t wait until spring to get some cleaning done, get your office cleaned on a regular basis to promote positive morale and clean work environment.

Benefits of a Commercial Cleaning Company

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For all businesses, irrespective of the type of establishment, maintaining a clean work place is very important in order to run a successful operation. No business has managed to succeed without a clean work environment. Having a clean workplace is even more important for businesses that have a lot of people visiting them. A dirty office is most likely to drive away any potential customers and will also negatively affect the attitudes of your employees.

Watching for the Latest Industry Trends

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When speaking about the cleaning industry and all of its constituents, we sometimes forget about some of the innovations and trends that are made available by suppliers of the products we use. One of the trends that seems to have made an impact in the following years has been that of making products easier to use and more accessible. This can be seen in the advances pertaining to the effectiveness of cleaning solutions and the invention of cleaning wipes to get the job done.

Finding the Best Commercial Cleaning Service

So you’ve just been commissioned by your boss to find a commercial cleaning company in Boise that can handle weekly cleaning at your office? Before you start asking “why me?”, remember that this decision doesn’t need to be hard. Sure, there are plenty of people to choose from, but that doesn’t mean that you should pick a company at random. What you need is a company that has a proven track record for honesty, integrity, and amazing results.

A Little Boise Love

Your One-Stop-Shop for Hard Floors

At Pro Power Clean, one of our specialties is providing businesses in the Treasure Valley professional hard floor cleaning services. By taking a peek at our references, you can see for yourself that our clients are more than pleased with the outcome of our services. By going with Pro Power Clean for you hard floor surface maintenance needs, you’re not only trusting professionals, but you’re also receiving peace of mind that you are working in a clean environment.

Health and Cleaning, What is the Connection?

The janitorial service industry has changed over the years to shift the focus of its efforts. In the past, the main and really only purpose was to clean up messes and keep businesses looking professional and clean. Cleaning for health and sanitation in the workplace is something that has come about as an advancement in the industry. Here is an excerpt from an article on ISSA that further describes this point:

Listen to Our Customers, They'll Tell You

Here at Pro Power Clean, we have had the opportunity to work with some truly fantastic clientele and develop lasting relationships. We really appreciate our customers and enjoy providing them with outstanding service. Don't take our word for it though (as trustworthy as we are), here is what one of our clients has to say about our service:

The Importance of Disinfecting Athletic Facilities

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Athletic facilities get a ton of use and have a high volume of traffic. Many individuals come in and out on a regular basis and bring with them fungi, viruses and bacteria that can easily spread to other visitors of the gym. With the high possibility of outbreaks in a gym, it is vital to have a proper cleaning system.


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