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An Evening of Just Desserts

The Telecommuter's Guide to Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Boise

At Pro Power Clean, we pride ourselves in making your workplace feel a little more like home. We believe that a clean office boosts both positivity and productivity on the job. In other words: "a clean office is a happy office."

Creativity in the Workplace

Office Cleaning Boise

Do you ever feel that your day-to-day duties have become mundane? There is no greater enemy to productivity than boredom. Someone once told me “there is no such thing as boring things, just boring people.” So when your job starts to get dull, it’s your responsibility to turn it around!

It Is Not About What You Do, But Who You ARE

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“We are janitors, we clean your toilets.”
An introduction like this usually throws people off and generally turns a conversation to laughter. This is because the community sees Pro Power Clean as more than the janitors that clean their toilets. We are the company that customizes our service to work with your specific needs, gets to know clients personally, attends local events and fundraisers and supports the community that we live in. Pro Power Clean has developed a personality over the years and, in the process, become more than just a service. Now you may be thinking “okay, that is just standard practice in the Treasure Valley”. We agree! This is why the Treasure Valley has flourished into such a wonderful atmosphere for doing business.
However, another common misconception is that the management of a company creates the personality of the company. We all know that life is about people and business is no different. Early on
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