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The Importance of a Clean Office During Flu Season

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While colds and the flu are running rampant, it is more important than every to have a clean office. Daily precautions can be taken to avoid spreading a cold throughout the entire office.

In an ideal world, we would all stay home when sick. However, many of us are either too much of workaholics, have too much to do or simply don't have the sick time available. With the inevitable presence of sickness in the office, how can you prevent its spread? Here are a few key ways:

Creativity in the Workplace

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Do you ever feel that your day-to-day duties have become mundane? There is no greater enemy to productivity than boredom. Someone once told me “there is no such thing as boring things, just boring people.” So when your job starts to get dull, it’s your responsibility to turn it around!

2012 Brings Growth, Advancement and Giving

Commercial Cleaning Boise

As we kick off 2013, we reflect on a great 2012 for Pro Power Clean. This coming year marks our 19th year in business and we are excited to see what’s in store as we move forward. We are proud to celebrate another year of continued growth, technological advances and opportunities to give back to the wonderful community we call home.

Do You Need a Janitorial Service?

A janitorial service is a very practical way to keep your business looking spiffy for visitors and clients. It will save you time and energy and ensure a thorough clean every time.

With a contractual janitorial service, you won’t have to worry about micro-managing. Instead, you can set up expectations ahead of time and count on the company to follow through. More often than not, the company will arrive after your employees leave for the day and everyone will arrive the next morning to a sparkling, clean office.

Keep Employees Healthy with Office Janitorial

An efficient janitorial service should be able to do all forms of cleaning. Whether you have carpeted floors, hard surfaces, high ceilings or bathrooms, a janitorial service can help you maintain value in your office space and improve the impression you make on clients.

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