Why Do I Need Professional Janitorial Service?

For the most part, all businesses will need professional janitorial services at one point or another. After all, the only other option is to clean your building and office yourself. Professional janitorial services come in a variety of formats including nightly preventative, weekly maintenance or a quarterly deep clean. When making your decision as to which type of cleaning suits your business it is important to weigh affordability with quality service.

Spring Time Means Pressure Washing Time!

Why Should I be excited about pressure washing? 

Well, because all winter long exterior surfaces have continued to build up more and more dirt and grime, and nothing cures exterior nastiness like water moving at 3500lbs per square inch and cooking at up to 230 degrees. You will be amazed at how our pressure washing service will make your external surfaces look brand new!

What kinds of things should I pressure wash?

*GASP* A documentary about POSITIVE local business??

Local video production company CreativeWave along with support from Pro Power Clean, Tribute Media, Renewed Expressions, and Port of Subs will be producing a documentary highlighting recent success stories in our community. When complete this documentary will be available on the Pro Power Clean website free of charge for everyone to enjoy.

“Shady” Commercial Janitorial and Low Bids

Boise Commercial Cleaning Service

One thing we run into often in the commercial building maintenance business is “low-ball” bids, primarily when working with commercial janitorial services. There are many ways that a janitorial company can make themselves appear ridiculously cheap; the unfortunate thing is that none of these tactics are suitable for the client.

Google & Building a Technologically Efficient Small Business

Many people hear that we are a commercial building maintenance company and immediately make several assumptions, not the least of which being that we could not possibly be a technologically advanced business. This would be 100% wrong. Part of my responsibilities as Pro Power Clean’s Director of Internal Operations is to make sure that we are doing things in the most efficient manner possible, which in this day and age goes hand in hand with staying up on all the latest in business technology. Recently we have undergone quite the I.T.

A Little Introduction...


Who are you?

I’m Andrew J. Allsbury, the Director of Internal Operations for Pro Power Clean, Inc. Most of the articles you will read in our blog will be written by me because my passions just so happen to include marketing and talking. However, depending on the topic being covered you will often see interview quotes from other professionals and an occasional guest blog by those better versed in certain topics.


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