Honesty and Integrity: Not Just Buzzwords

A lot of companies like to sell themselves by dropping buzzwords like: integrity, honesty, reliability, and dependability when describing their business or workmanship. But how can you really be sure that the company is actually living up to its values and isn’t just “blowing smoke” like the old used car salesman stereotype?

Dirty Windows? Yeah, We Can Handle That!

Is that dusty window impeding your view of those nice trees and green grass outside? Wouldn’t it be nice if your regular 9-5 experience were made a little less dreary with a clear view of that little patch of nature across the street from your office building? Believe it or not, windows are sometimes overlooked when cleaning the office and, over time, gunk and dust can build up keeping pleasant views subdued from your office.

What Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Do For You

Boise Commercial Cleaning Service

 Having your carpets professionally cleaned can provide a whole list of benefits for your business. Not only do you feel better since the office is cleaned up, but properly maintained carpets also show clients, employees and business associates that your organization means business.

Father's Day is an Opportunity to Do Something Great

 If you love your Father and want to show him that you truly appreciate all of the hard work, sweat, blood and tears that have gone into raising you, then Father's Day is that opportunity. You know that any gesture you make probably won't quite reciprocate for all of his efforts, but we at least want to show them that we care. Assuming that this is the case, what better way to show your appreciation than getting the garage, house or his toys professionally cleaned.

Health and Cleaning, What is the Connection?

The janitorial service industry has changed over the years to shift the focus of its efforts. In the past, the main and really only purpose was to clean up messes and keep businesses looking professional and clean. Cleaning for health and sanitation in the workplace is something that has come about as an advancement in the industry. Here is an excerpt from an article on ISSA that further describes this point:

Earth Day Has Come and Gone

You may or may not have noticed, that Earth Day came and went. It was created 42 years ago by a small, passionate group that sought to spread awareness about the impact that we have on our world. This group wanted people to think about what we are doing and change our actions so we positively impact the environment rather than negatively.

At Pro Power Clean, we strive to continuously be knowledgeable and aware of the impact we have on the environment. All of our cleaning products and procedures are examined to maintain a high level of excellence and environmental friendliness.

Time To Pressure Wash!

Seeing as it's spring time and nearing summer, it's officially time to get everything pressure washed. When we are looking at pressure washing, there are a few things that really make it the best choice.

Pressure washing removes all the winter build up on exterior services which have been compiling and depositing since fall of last year. Nothing cuts through the grime like 230 degree water blasting off the grit. You will be surprised at the abilities of pressure washing and what comes off.

Zombie Janitors and the Complexities of Janitorial TV Marketing

The best way to effectively market commercial janitorial services on television has been a question on my mind for quite some time.

Pressure Wash Winter Away

Winter can be harsh on your home, vehicles and business. With the constant freezing and thawing, rain, snow, sleet, hail and everything in between, winter can take a serious toll on your belongings and leave them looking forlorn and homely come spring time. Lucky for you, we have the perfect solution for just this problem.

Our Nampa pressure washing service can cut through the salt, dust and grit that has been building all winter long and reveal the beauty underneath. Pressure washing is perfect for:

Listen to Our Customers, They'll Tell You

Here at Pro Power Clean, we have had the opportunity to work with some truly fantastic clientele and develop lasting relationships. We really appreciate our customers and enjoy providing them with outstanding service. Don't take our word for it though (as trustworthy as we are), here is what one of our clients has to say about our service:


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