The Secret of Cream of Tartar

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Cream of tartar is not just a way of stabilizing egg whites, but a great an inexpensive cleaning tool. This long forgotten gem can be used with other inexpensive household items such as water and vinegar to help alleviate stubborn stains. Disgusting plaster got you down? Mildew and mold got you reaching for a multitude of cleaning agents? Burnt on food and casserole dishes being stubborn? Cream of Tartar is your go to cleaning ingredient!

Freshen Your Home for Spring Cleaning

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In preparation for the summer months, many people look to brighten up their household with a variety of expensive and potentially harmful chemicals. Today I will give you some ideas that are inexpensive, natural, and simple. When it comes time to brighten up your home from the dreary, cold winter nights these tips will help your home smelling and looking amazing:

Spring Clean and Declutter

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Now that the weather is warming up, the first quarter chaos has come to an end and tax season is over, we find ourselves being able to breathe again… well, kind of. They say Spring is the season for renewal and fresh starts, so take this time to think about spring cleaning! You may have Pro Power Clean for your ongoing office cleaning and building maintenance but you can clear your space and mind this season by taking the time to organize and update your workspace as well. Here are a few tips that work for us:

Benefits of a Commercial Cleaning Company

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For all businesses, irrespective of the type of establishment, maintaining a clean work place is very important in order to run a successful operation. No business has managed to succeed without a clean work environment. Having a clean workplace is even more important for businesses that have a lot of people visiting them. A dirty office is most likely to drive away any potential customers and will also negatively affect the attitudes of your employees.

How to Look for a Commercial Cleaning Company

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Being tasked to find the contract or business to do your office’s cleaning and upkeep isn’t always easy. There are many factors to consider when choosing a cleaning company, none of which are easy to ignore. Aside from assessing the company’s integrity, how they handle business, and how long they have been in business, there are other factors to consider. Essentially speaking, you can’t just run down the list of your local Yellow Pages and pick an arbitrary option. This decision needs to be made thoughtfully and with as much tact as possible.

Why Perform Regular Hard Floor Surface Maintenance?

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If you own a business or another type of establishment where the floor is comprised of any type of hard floor, it is important that regular maintenance and upkeep are established in order to not only keep the floors clean, but to ensure that they look presentable. Hard floors are typically employed when high traffic areas are suspected, when they are more practical than carpet, or if the business operates in an industrial environment. Even though the appearance of hard floors can be quite industrial, they still need to look presentable to existing and future clients.

Creativity in the Workplace

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Do you ever feel that your day-to-day duties have become mundane? There is no greater enemy to productivity than boredom. Someone once told me “there is no such thing as boring things, just boring people.” So when your job starts to get dull, it’s your responsibility to turn it around!

Power Washing is Important

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If you have ever cleaned anything with a pressure washer, you understand that the awesome power unleashed from its nozzle is enough to get even the toughest jobs done. Pro Power Clean has specialized in pressure washing from the beginning and we are proud to offer this service to our customers who are in need of some real power cleaning. This service, coupled with experienced operators, makes for an impeccable way of keeping the outside of your building clean.

Maintaining your Hard Floor Surfaces

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If you own a business, the chances are that you have a floor that needs maintaining throughout the month. Depending on what industry you are currently operating in, you may or may not have enough time to do this task yourself --let alone on a weekly basis. It is important, however, that the floors in your office are maintained as they are a reflection of who you are as a company.


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