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What is a BBB Accredited Business?

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According to, to be a BBB Accredited Business, a company needs to meet standards and complete a certain amount of application procedures. Believe it or not, becoming a BBB Accredited Business is not an easy task for many businesses!

So what are these standards and procedures that a company needs to go through before being accredited?

How to Find the Right Janitorial Service

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When you employ a janitorial service there is a certain amount of trust you are giving to that company. Letting them into your building and allowing them access to certain areas can seem very risky. This is as it should be.

This is why taking extreme caution while finding the right company to handle the job is important. Vandalism, theft, and other safety risks are problems that a business owner can encounter after employing the wrong company. Luckily enough, there are pointers you can use while on your search.

Bad day? Relax with Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a wonderful tactic that can be employed in every aspect of life. It’s the reason why we grab paper towels, vacuums, and other cleaning supplies prior to the mess. There’s no denying it, those who aren’t prepared for life’s messes have extra stress than those who are ahead of the game.

Get the Complete Package with Pro Power Clean

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When you are doing research to find a new cleaning company or janitorial service, there are many different things that you will want to find out before making a decision. The reputation of the company, the amount they charge, and how well they do the job are all things to consider. Another thing to consider is how many different services they offer and what they specialize in. At Pro Power Clean, we are able to handle all of your janitorial needs so that you can stop searching for the best company sooner.

The Advantages of a Clean Office

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There are many different things that make an office run smoothly and efficiently. Some are more obvious than others, such as good management, great employees, and positive attitudes. There are also other aspects that make an office run as well as it should that are not as apparent. This includes keeping an office clean for your employees and keeping morale up during the workday.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional

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There are many different reasons why someone would consider hiring an outside professional cleaning service to take care of janitorial needs. Many times, business owners simply don’t have the time to handle cleaning the office. Also, asking employees to do this on top of their already assigned duties may be putting too much stress on their already full workload. Whatever the reason, turning to the professionals at Pro Power Clean will help in keeping your office spotless.

Former Employee Forges Her Own Way

We are so excited to brag about one of our former employees, Lorena Jimenez who parted with Pro Power Clean to run her own business – the best little Mexican Grill in town! We are hooked on Lorena’s Mexican Grill, located on Fairview in Boise (inside the Mister Carwash parking lot). We were not surprised to see that Lorena’s holds a nearly perfect rating on Yelp, Facebook and Urbanspoon.

A New Sign Eases the Pain of Construction

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If you have been near our building recently you may have noticed the thorn in our side that is the Emerald/Five Mile construction project. While some days have proven to be challenging to get in, out and around our building, we are excited for the changes that it will bring. Improvements do tend to come with temporary sacrifices after all. What’s it all about? Wider road, added lanes, new sidewalk, better curb appeal and most exciting of all: A NEW SIGN!

Client, Axiom Fitness Expands

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We love to see great local businesses growing and expanding, especially when they are our clients. We have had the honor of servicing Axiom Fitness locations since their inception and the years prior when they were under the Gold’s Gym franchise.


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