Is Your Floor Actually Dirty?

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Almost everyone knows how to identify a dirty floor. Stains, spots, unpleasant colors--we've all seen them, and the first thing they make us think is, "That's a dirty floor!" If these flooring woes are giving you a hard time, don't worry--our Boise cleaning company experts know the secret, and it might just surprise you.

Not Dirty?

Although we all think we're top-notch at identifying dirt, grime, and filth, the truth is that a dirty floor isn't always a dirty floor. Cleaning company experts know how to determine if the blemishes you're seeing are actually dirt, or if these are a sign of something more serious: the need to refinish your floor. That sounds like a big problem at first, but it's much easier than having to replace your flooring--and at least it explains why those spots and colors just won't go away! Refinishing often involves removing and replacing a few layers of wax, or, in some cases, a buff and a fresh coat of wax. If you notice stubborn spots or determined stains, call the cleaning company experts--it might not be just a case of "dirty floor!"

How to Know When It's Time to Refinish

When your flooring starts to look chronically unclean, it's probably time to refinish. Here are a few tips straight from the experts, so that you know for sure when to consider refinishing the floors!

  • Yellowing. If your flooring is beginning to turn a bit yellow, refinishing is just around the corner. This is a sign of wax buildup that has, over time, become discolored, and the solution is usually a complete stripping and replacement of all the wax.
  • Staining. Stains that won't go away aren't just annoying--they can make your workplace look and feel dirty. Stains will appear first at the edges of the floor, especially in corners and around sinks or other places where water drops or splashing are possible. Although many stains can be removed with regular scrubbing, particularly stubborn stains usually suggest that the wax has been damaged and it's time to refinish the floor.
  • Dull appearance. Do you look at your flooring and remember the good old days when it was shiny and fresh? Sometimes, the finish on a floor will begin to wear down, especially with heavy traffic and infrequent maintenance--so if you see dullness, act quickly. This problem can permanently damage flooring.

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