Work Fridge Cleaning

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The work fridge is infamous for being a food battleground. Whether it's unmarked and unclaimed meals, spilled food that no one wants to clean up, or tiny bags of condiments; the work fridge is always full of something or other. Unfortunately, an untidy fridge is a problem for more than just the office clean-freak; plenty of nasty things- like mold- can grow in a fridge that isn't properly maintained. If the first thing that comes to mind when you open that door is health hazard, then it might be time to get some expert advice on cleaning and maintaining the work fridge. After all, you get out of a fridge what you put into it--a metaphor that works on multiple levels.

The Importance of a Clean Fridge

Keeping food safe is incredibly important. There are a few things we all know--don't eat under-cooked chicken, know which expiration dates really mean it when they say the food is expired, always keep the milk cold--but other food safety is a little more subtle, although no less important. A dirty or poorly maintained fridge can make meals dangerous, inedible, and just plain unappetizing. If the cold air can't circulate, the food isn't safe. Therefore, keeping the work fridge clean is crucial because of how important fridges are to food safety and overall health, and that's one thing we can't afford to lose.

Expert Tips

So, how do you start cleaning out a fridge that's stuffed with unclaimed food, stains, and smells you'd rather not name? Here are some tips from our experts!

  • Daily cleaning. The only cleaning that needs to be done on a daily basis is relatively small, and it's a great place to start. Make it a habit to immediately wipe up any stains or spills with soap and water. This will help keep the fridge environment clean and safe for food.
  • Weekly cleaning. The weekly cleaning routine needs to be a bit more vigorous. Take out any food that you may have left over the week, check expiration dates on everything that stays, and do a little detail cleaning (any leftover stains, "cup rings," etc.).
  • Monthly cleaning. Your work fridge really needs a deep clean once a month, and our Boise Commercial Cleaning Service experts can help. A monthly deep-clean will ensure that health and safety are a top priority and that you never have to think health hazard when you open that fridge door.

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