Why Medical Facilities Need Floor Cleaning Services

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High Angle Shot in the Hospital Lobby

After the uncertainty and struggle caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has a much different appreciation for medical facilities. However, while doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are receiving well-earned praise, there's one element of their practice that still goes overlooked: the floor. Here's why every medical facility deserves support from floor cleaning services (and what that support should look like).

Types of Commercial Cleaning for Medical Facilities

It's no secret that medical facilities are high-traffic, high-stress areas. While most of the attention is rightfully placed on patients and their families (as well as the safety and efficiency of medical professionals), it's also important to address health in other ways--like maintaining a clean, hygienic facility. That often begins by taking a good look at the floor.

Although carpet and hard flooring have unique cleaning needs, medical professionals must find the time, tools, and expertise to keep things tidy--and that could mean taking time away from patients. As such, many medical facilities turn to floor cleaning services to help get the job done.

Here are a few ways commercial cleaning can help protect patients and staff by starting with the floors:

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning should consist of vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping, but the challenge is to find the time to do these things in areas that are constantly being used. A commercial cleaning company, like Pro Power Clean, can work with medical experts to find ideal schedules--that way, patient and staff needs are never interrupted but floors are always kept tidy.

Deep cleaning

Everything needs the occasional deep clean--especially medical facility floors. Deep cleaning is best done by professionals because it often requires specific equipment and supplies.


A deteriorating floor can be unsightly--but more importantly, it can also cause safety risks. A good floor cleaning service should offer repair work, sealing, waxing, and a host of other maintenance solutions to help protect a medical facility's flooring investment.


Although every part of a medical facility is important, the floors are often overlooked. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals shouldn't have to stop their important tasks to work around or schedule cleaning; instead, every medical facility deserves a cleaning partner to help take care of floors (and, indirectly, patients).

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