Two Simple Rules for Increasing the Lifespan of Commercial Floors

Boise Commercial Cleaning Service

Investing in the cleanliness of your office is an investment in your reputation. When clients walk in, they will notice small details about your space and relate it to the way you run your business. To increase the longevity and appearance of your commercial floors follow these two simple rules.

Strip Away the Old

Before you can be proud of a floor that shines, you will need to strip away the build-up of dirt and grime. This is the first phase to get rid of stains and the dullness of old floors. A commercial cleaning service can perform this professionally in four steps. First, they will apply the stripping product over the floor for a set amount of time. Then it is scrubbed to loosen all the dirt and particles. Once the stripping product is removed, and the old finish is wiped away, a new layer of finish is applied.

Keep Your New Finish Protected

Just because your floor received a new finish doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. Applying wax to your floor will protect it from dirt and grime. It also reduces stains and moisture from affecting the surface. This layer can also act as a barrier from scratches and abrasions while giving the floor a glossy clean look.

Combining the Stripping and Waxing

A professional commercial cleaning service won’t feel satisfied only doing either stripping or waxing. Just stripping the floor leaves it vulnerable to damage even though you spent your budget on cleaning it. On the other hand, only waxing the floor merely compacts dirt and debris underneath. To fully invest in increasing the lifespan of your commercial floor you need to both strip away the old finish and complete the cleaning with wax.

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