Tips for a Cleaner, Healthier Office Kitchen

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 07/11/2022 - 14:21
Three women on coffee break in the office kitchen

Your office kitchen is a place for relaxation, fun, and, of course, good food. But is it as clean and healthy as it can be? Here are a few tips from the commercial cleaning experts!

Commercial Cleaning Tips for Office Kitchens

When it comes to cleaning your office, you're probably focused on certain things--like customer-facing areas, bathrooms, and high-traffic conference rooms. However, the office kitchen should always be on your list. That's because a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen--and a healthy one, too.

Here are a few tips to help keep things tidy:

#1: Hire commercial cleaning services.

Commercial cleaning services can help you get back on track with your cleaning routine. Cleaning experts also have the equipment and cleaning supplies they need to tackle stains, germs, and other uninvited guests--things you may struggle to do alone. Plus, with a commercial cleaning service on your side, you have more time to focus on your customers.

#2: Create kitchen rules.

Kitchen rules help everyone understand how to use your office kitchen in ideal ways. You can include things like how frequently hand-washing should occur, how to handle food safety requirements, which cleaning supplies should be used in which areas, and more.

#3: Clean up spills right away.

Spills can lead to stains, falls, and even mold growth. Avoid all these issues by making a habit of cleaning up spills the minute they occur.

#4: Prioritize storage.

When employees have plenty of room to store food, utensils, and other kitchen necessities, it's easy to keep things tidy. Just remember to periodically clean these storage areas (like the fridge!) to catch any unnoticed messes.


The kitchen can be the heart of your office--as long as you keep it clean, that is. The good news is that there are a few simple ways to encourage good habits and avoid spills, stains, mold, and other kitchen kerfuffles. Better yet, you can always reach out to the pros when things get out of hand.

Do you need a little help from commercial cleaning services? Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your kitchen (and the rest of your workplace, too).