Time Tracking, GPS and Tablets that don't break the bank

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 03/16/2016 - 10:07

Nampa Cleaning Company

Here at Pro Power Clean we are constantly looking for ways to maximize efficiency and improve how we do business. That often comes in the form of new technology to reduce costs, and improve our quality. Recently I sat down with our Administrative Manager, Ed Louy, to talk about some of the tech that helps us the most.


Q. What mobile time tracking software do you use? And how has it saved you money?

We use Idaho based TSheets due to our long term relationship with their CEO Matt Rissle.The cost of this service is $4 per user, per month which is very reasonable.The app is able to track the time of all of our employees in the field, and in the office with ease. It has flexible time entry so that our employees can clock in and clock out depending upon their task and location. We utilize the TSheets Crew application and are able to track an entire crew with only the lead needing to have a tablet.This means only one tablet per crew. This saves us a ton in equipment and service costs. Before TSheets, we kept track of time the old fashioned way with pen and paper, TSheets has cut down adminstration time significantly, doing away with time entry and deciphering handwritten notes. Also, payroll mistakes have been reduced significantly. Time entry for a company of our size might take one person twenty five hours a week, now that process has been streamlined and only takes minutes.


Q. How do you use GPS tracking and why?

We use MapMe, which is a GPS cell phone tracking software. This service utilizes both GPS and cellular signal triangulation, to make its results more dependable. It tracks the tablet’s movement in real time, so that you can see where any tablet is at any given moment, and keep a long term record of those movements. We have the system setup to send speed alerts, so when someone is driving too fast, or deviating from their normal route, we know immediately. This helps reduce speeding tickets and travel waste greatly. The cost of this service is very reasonable and monthly or yearly payments are easy to setup, making this a wonderful solution for small to large businesses.


Q. What kind of tablets do you use and how much do they cost?

We use pretty basic, Samsung Android tablets running on the Verizon network. They are relatively inexpensive, very reliable, and the service from Verizon has been stellar.


Q. What other options are out there?

Accelerator CC is a work scheduling software that is designed specifically for commercial cleaning that we have been looking into. There are many other time tracking softwares out there as well such as Hubstaff, FreshBooks, MyCase and a half dozen other programs that do more or less the same thing. Though we have found that none of the others are as reliable or cost effective as TSheets, plus with TSheets being a locally owned and operated business, it is truly a win/win for everyone involved! Other amazing options for mobile efficiency include the in depth use of Google Drive and it’s associated applications, but that is a topic for a future blog!