Summertime in Boise

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 06/24/2016 - 10:27

Summertime in Boise

Summer is here and Boise is going to be hustling and bustling with all sorts of events. There is going to be a lot to do and you may have a hard time keeping track of it all.  I am going to try to give you a list of events coming up that I am personally very excited about.

The first event that I am stoked about is Pedal 4 the People. This is a city-wide event, put on the Boise Bike Project, and lots of other local sponsors.  If you haven’t already checked it out it isn’t too late, there are still plenty of fun events to attend such as, Geocaching by Greenbike, a geocaching treasure hunt all over the city Belle of the Ball Crawl, a bike bar crawl where participants dress up in dresses, and of course the Helladrome Finale Party,  which is a Mad Max-style race that will be held in the parking lot of Whole Foods. It is going to be a real fun time.  To find out more information go here:

On July 9th the Treasure Valley Rollergirls will grace the Centurylink Arena with their presence once again. If you have never been to a Roller Derby you have to go! If you ever had any thoughts that Roller Derby might be a lame sport, they will quickly be diminished after you see these ladies slam into each other on the rink.  It truly is a spectacle worth paying to see. To buy tickets go here:

And finally, I will mention a Boise classic and one of my favorite events to attend, the Twilight Criterium. For those of you who have never heard of the Twilight Criterium, it is a bike race that takes place every year through the streets of downtown Boise. However, the course location has changed this year and the cyclists will be racing around Capitol Park right in front of the Capitol in downtown Boise. It is really exciting to see so many cyclists speeding around, zipping in and out of each other. Some of the best cyclists from around the world come to our city to compete in this event. To find out more go here:

Summertime is my favorite time in Boise. Even if you don’t attend any of these great events the greenbelt is always good for going on a bike ride or an evening stroll. And sometime soon they may actually open up the river, and we can all enjoy floating blissfully along its waters. Whatever you choose to do with your summer. Have fun and stay safe!