Sanitizing vs. Disinfecting in Medical Facilities

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medical equipment in a facility

A clean facility is of utmost importance for medical providers. When it comes to applying cleaning products to specific areas, there can be some confusion about whether the area needs to be sanitized or disinfected. These are two different processes with separate outcomes. Read on to learn the difference.

The Purpose of Sanitizing

To sanitize an area is to reduce the present bacteria to an acceptable public safety level. Public health measures are put in place to determine these levels, and it is critical for medical facilities to maintain them. Use sanitization measures on all surfaces, areas, and equipment.

Sanitization is a prevention tactic but does not catch all bacteria and viruses. It is a necessary step in a medical facility everywhere from the food preparation area to the operating room.

Disinfecting is a Deeper Clean

To disinfect something is to eliminate all disease carrying pathogens. Disinfecting is a step further than sanitization because it kills bacteria and viruses. Apply this process to all frequently touched areas such as door handles, stair railings, and guest seating.

Due to the strength of the solution, do not use disinfectant in a food preparation area. It is best suited for cleaning up heavy duty messes.

For Proper Sanitization and Disinfection

The best way to make sure that your medical facility is properly sanitized and then disinfected when appropriate is to use a commercial cleaning company. The CDC publishes guidelines for required facility cleanliness and keeping up with these standards is essential.

There are an array of available cleaning products, and a service professional will know what to use when they need to sanitize versus disinfect an area. This will ensure that your facility does not endanger any patients and meets CDC guidelines.

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