Keep Employees Healthy By Maintaining a Clean Office

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cleaning woman cleaning an office computer screen

Want a healthy, happy office? Then you need a clean office. That's right: The importance of a squeaky-clean workplace can't be overstated--but you don't need to be cleaning 24/7, either. Here's what you need to know about office cleaning and why it's worth your time.

Employee health will likely improve

If a lot of employees are taking a lot of sick days, the chances are high that your workspace is to blame. Office cleaning helps remove the dust, bacteria, and germs that could limit productivity and keep your people at home instead of at their desks.

Happiness could improve, too

Your workplace shouldn't be breeding germs--it should be breeding creativity! Office cleaning creates a happy, comfortable environment for employees, who can then focus on doing their best work instead of trying to figure out what caused that unsightly stain on the carpet.

Customers love to see cleanliness

First impressions can make a big difference. If customers walk in your doors to see a sparkling-clean office space, they'll know right away that you care about your people--and that your attention to detail can't be matched.

Simple Steps to a Cleaner Office

Ready to make office cleaning part of your world? Here's how to get started!

Make hand-washing a rule

Hand-washing is more crucial than ever. To keep this habit at the forefront of everyone's minds, set up hand-washing stations throughout the office.

Wipe items after use

Keyboards? Door handles? Phones? If you use it, it needs to be cleaned. In fact, everything you touch should get a regular wipe-down to keep germs from spreading.

Schedule deep cleans

Deep cleaning encourages you to slow down and ensure no detail is overlooked. Sure, quick cleans are great in the meantime--but it's the deep cleaning that really gets rid of germs and filth.

Hire a commercial cleaning service

Okay, okay--so those steps might be "simple," but that doesn't mean you have time to clean all the time, right?

Luckily, you don't have to. With a commercial cleaning service on your side, you can focus on your work while the experts handle all those office cleaning tasks.


A clean office is a happy office--and a safe and healthy one, too. Even if you don't have time for a deep clean, remember that little habits--like hand-washing and wiping items after use--can make a big difference. And, of course, don't forget you can always call in the experts.

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