Keeping Your Office Clean in the Summer

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The sun invigorates people and makes for a positive attitude. That’s probably why people love summer so much! While longer days and warm nights have people dreaming about their vacation, it’s still important to maintain a clean office. Rid on for some tips for keeping the office tidy in the summer.

Is the Office Dirtier in the Summer?

When summer's here, everyone knows it. With all the things to do in Boise, this isn't surprising. The repercussions of this behavior in general, particularly in small businesses, is that little time is spent cleaning up after one's self. If you look in the office sink, you'll see this as true right off the bat. Generally, people take the time to wash their dishes or coffee mugs at the end of the day. When they have plenty to do after work however, this becomes a different story as they look over each shoulder and leave the dirty dish in the sink. This is obviously only one aspect of why an office might host more bacteria and germs in the summer. 

Preparing for Vacation Time

With warmer weather and school out, summer is the prime time for employees to take vacations. Taking time off of work can be mentally rejuvenating and is a necessity. To get the most out of a relaxing trip, encourage employees to prepare their desk and surrounding areas for their absence. If they have any snacks or coffee mugs, they may want to take them home until they return. Also, any plants on their desk may need the help of a co-worker to stay on a watering schedule, so they don’t die and drop leaves on the floor.

Keeping the Fridge Clear

Summer time is the time for outdoor cook outs and parties. The great part about that for the office is all the left over entrees and treats that are brought in on Monday. While employees love to share the wealth with their coworkers, it can lead to a full fridge in the break room. Implement a policy to have the fridge cleaned out once weekly to prevent forgotten items overstaying their welcome. Everyone appreciates a clean fridge.

Enlist Extra Help

With multiple people gone from the office in the summer, maintaining a clean office can be difficult. Enlisting help to keep your office in top shape is a way to ease the stress. A cleaning company can take care of large areas as well as detail spots that can be forgotten. A clean office portrays that you care about the health of your employees and customers alike.

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