The Importance of Window Care

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The humble window is one of the most brilliant and most functional inventions ever devised by humankind. We don't think about windows often, but the truth is that they are huge parts of our lives. Windows influence how we feel about the architecture, shape, and appearance of a building, as well as change our opinions of the company or people housed inside that building. Windows can make us feel comfortable and satisfied or inexplicably dissatisfied, depending on how and where they are placed. Windows can even help to change our outlook on the world--both literally and metaphorically. Essentially, a window is a huge benefit--even if we don't often realize it--and that benefit deserves to be protected and cleaned extremely well.

Window Cleaning

There are countless reasons why cleaning your company's windows is a good idea. One of the very first things that potential customers notice, even if they're not actually aware of it at the time, is cleanliness--and this starts outside at the windows. On top of that, dirty windows block natural light from flooding into the building, which can be detrimental both to your customers and to your employees. No one likes a work-space that is dark and gloomy because the windows are coated with grime or fingerprints. It's clear that window cleaning is important--but, unfortunately, window cleaning is also infamously difficult, especially if you happen to have extremely large or high windows. That's where our window cleaning experts come in.

The Expert Touch

How can our Boise Cleaning Company experts help make your windows spotless and bright? Here's a quick look at our specialties!

  • Elements. Exposure to the elements makes outdoor windows extremely difficult to keep clean. Rain, snow, sprinklers, runoff--all are enemies to window cleanliness, and all can be overcome by our window cleaning experts.
  • Hard water. Hard water stains are a common enemy when it comes to cleaning. This white-tinted haze of mineral deposits can often be difficult to get rid of once it has set in, and constant exposure to the sunlight makes these stains nothing less than perilous. Luckily, our experts have plenty of experience battling hard water stains, and we can have your windows looking fresh and clean again in no time.
  • Landscaping. Think about trees in a windstorm--the leaves flying about in miniature hurricanes, the branches tapping a wild dance. Now imagine all of that happening right outside your windows. The leaves are getting stuck to the glass; the branches are tapping and scraping against the windowpanes. Landscaping of any kind, even dirt and grass, can cause trouble to your windows when mowed, pruned, or disturbed--but our experts know how to handle it.

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