The Importance of Being Green

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Most cleaning products contain chemicals are incredibly bad for your health. They can cause severe irritation of the skin and can be damaging to the eyes and lungs. This is part of the reason  why the US Green Building Council established LEED( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and  to help create a greener planet. LEED certified buildings on average produce less waste and are much more energy efficient than they would be without the certification.

In fact any building that uses green products can save a lot of money for a number of reasons. The first being that green products aren’t corrosive and don’t contain dangerous chemicals like  ammonia, phosphorus, and alkyphenol. This is less expensive because there is less risk of sick employees due to exposure to these noxious gases and there is no risk of dangerous chemical spills which are very costly to clean up. Green products also help stop the pollution of our water and airways. This in turn can slow the ozone depletion and help fight against global warming. Plus many green products like paper towels and toilet seat covers are made from recycled materials which cuts down on waste. Some Green cleaning products are not as effective as their traditional counterparts but as the technology develops I believe that will not longer be an issue.

Green products are not only the economical to go but they are the way of the future. As climate change becomes more and more of an issue in our world it is up to each of us to do our part to fight against it. Here at Pro Power Clean we meet the criteria for all LEEDs certified buildings and our products are green and ecologically friendly.


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