How to Hire a Cleaning Service

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Let's face it: dirt gets everywhere. Even in the most pristine lobbies of the world's grandest hotels, you are likely to find the occasional footprint in the doorway or speck of dust on the couch cushion. However, you're not likely to find these little messes unless you're combing the place over, with a magnifying glass in one hand and high-performance tweezers in the other. The world's grandest hotels didn't get to be the world's grandest hotels by tolerating dirt--so why should you? Here's how to hire a cleaning service!

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how big the mess, you can bet that there's a trustworthy, efficient cleaning service just waiting to give any messy space the tough love it needs--the only hard part is actually finding the right company to work with. When hiring a cleaning service, it's important to find people you trust, communicate with, respect, and work well with.

How to Hire

If you're wondering how to hire a cleaning service capable of whipping any room into shape, read on. There are a few things you'll need to consider--and remember, it's up to you to ultimately decide who will be the best for your unique spaces and needs.

  • Analyze your rooms. Before you start searching for a cleaning service, decide what exactly you'll want them to do. Are you looking for a complete cleaning job, or do you have one specific room in mind? Knowing what you need will help you decide which service you want to use.
  • Insurance. Insurance is important--ask about it right away. If a cleaning service isn't bonded and insured, keep looking. You want to be sure that, if an issue should occur, the company will handle it responsibly and reliably.
  • Background checks. Before hiring any cleaning service, ask what kind of background checks are done on employees. It's crucial that you find a cleaning service with reliable workers, and background checks offer a degree of security that is an important part of being able to trust your chosen company.
  • Chemicals. What kind of cleaning chemicals do you want to be used in your facility? Some chemicals are gentler than others. It's important to know how a cleaning service views and uses chemicals before making a decision on whom to hire.

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