How Clean Walls Make for Good Impressions

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When you think about cleaning, there are probably some specific areas that come to mind--bathrooms, floors, doorknobs. Human beings have been cleaning these places since we designed them in the first place. However, the truth is that there's one more area that needs regular cleaning but often gets overlooked: the walls. It's a big deal. In fact, you might be surprised by just how much of a difference clean walls can make.

Why Do Walls Need Cleaning, Anyway?

At first glance, the wall seems like one of those areas that takes care of itself. It's not as conspicuously filthy as the bathroom, and it's certainly not touched as often as doorknobs, phones, or keyboards. However, if you take a damp paper towel and run it across a section of wall, you're likely to find a layer of dirt, dust, and grime. Why? Well, the truth is that any wall--whether it's textured or smooth, painted or wallpapered--will hold onto filth. As a result, it's important to give the walls the attention they deserve. Ask your Boise commercial cleaning experts to get the walls at least once a year!

The Benefits of Clean Walls

What difference will it make when your walls are clean? Here's a quick look, straight from the experts!

  • Health. The biggest reason to clean anything, including walls, is to make sure that your workplace stays healthy and sanitary. From air quality to stopping germs in their tracks, keeping everything clean is a big deal--and walls are no exception.
  • Appearances. Appearances might not be everything, but when it comes to having a clean workplace, appearances are pretty important. Clean walls keep your facility looking professional, detail-oriented, comfortable, and even brighter than usual.
  • Functionality. Paint and wallpaper both suffer pretty heavily from a buildup of dirt and dust, and the result can be a shorter life expectancy. Keep your walls safe--ask your commercial cleaning company to give those walls a good scrubbing!

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