Health and Cleaning, What is the Connection?

The janitorial service industry has changed over the years to shift the focus of its efforts. In the past, the main and really only purpose was to clean up messes and keep businesses looking professional and clean. Cleaning for health and sanitation in the workplace is something that has come about as an advancement in the industry. Here is an excerpt from an article on ISSA that further describes this point:

"At one time, our main purpose was to clean for appearance. But after Berry’s book was published, our industry was forced to reevaluate its primary function. We have now realized that our work and what we do for our end-customers is far more meaningful than just keeping floors shiny, counters wiped off, and carpets vacuumed. What we do helps keep people healthy."

You'll notice that this article goes into much more depth on how the industry has changed and what the focuses are now. We encourage you to take a quick second to read the article and understand how the industry has shifted for the good of our clients.

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