*GASP* A documentary about POSITIVE local business??

Local video production company CreativeWave along with support from Pro Power Clean, Tribute Media, Renewed Expressions, and Port of Subs will be producing a documentary highlighting recent success stories in our community. When complete this documentary will be available on the Pro Power Clean website free of charge for everyone to enjoy.

Why should I care?
Because quite honestly, we as a business community have become far too caught up in the negative things going on and have lost track of the many positives.
Great, another amateur video shot with a Handycam…
This is not going to be some hack and slash video piece meant for YouTube, this video will be entertaining and professionally produced using the latest in techniques and equipment.
When will this documentary be available?
Since we are still in the planning stage, it would be impossible to give a final release date, but with the high priority of this project, we are hoping to have it available to the public in the next 30-60 days.
More information?
For more information or to find out how to get involved, please contact Andrew Allsbury with Pro Power Clean. Pro Power Clean is also more than happy to answer any questions over Twitter @ProPowerClean.
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