Is Employment in the Commercial Cleaning Industry Right For You?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 09/21/2021 - 09:24
Portrait Of Happy Male And Female Cleaning Crew With Cleaning Equipment

If you're looking for a promising new career with plenty of opportunities and the chance to help people every day, you've come to the right place: The commercial cleaning industry is a perfect fit for skilled, dedicated workers. Here's how to know if you might be the perfect fit for the Pro Power Clean team!

Who You Are: Employment Aficionado

If you're looking for a new career, you probably know the drill--resumes, applications, relevant experience, references--and by now, you're an employment aficionado. However, the commercial cleaning world plays by slightly different rules--which is why you might find this to be your dream job.

Here are a few things you might bring to a position in the commercial cleaning industry:

Work ethic

Most careers require a strong work ethic, but there's something truly unique about working in the cleaning industry. If you're the kind of person who is determined to win the battle against dust bunnies or won't rest until every last streak is off your windows, you might just have what it takes to be a cleaning pro.


A career in commercial cleaning will take you all over, giving you a peek at different areas and industries. To bring all of these opportunities within reach, you'll need reliable transportation and a valid driver's license.

Experience (of a different kind)

Never picked up a commercial-grade mop in your life? Not to worry--here, we're looking for experience of a different kind. For example, comfort with Android devices, night work, and/or the construction industry will get you a long way.

Who We Are: Commercial Cleaning Experts

Now that you know a few things you'll need to bring to the job, here's what we can offer in return: unmatched commercial cleaning expertise (and, of course, a stellar work environment).

We help you grow.

Here at Pro Power Clean, we want to help you reach your full potential. Our small business gives you the chance to find your niche, develop yourself as part of the professional world, and become the worker--and person--you truly want to be.

Our work develops everyday skills.

It's not all about scrubbing and dusting at Pro Power Clean. We also encourage you to develop skills that come in handy elsewhere--like in your relationships. Problem-solving, creative thinking, leadership, and communication are just a few of the skills you'll sharpen on the job.

You get the chance to really help people.

Not every job gives you the chance to make a difference. As a member of our commercial cleaning team, you'll be helping people stay safe and healthy every day--and that's a pretty big deal.

In conclusion, we're looking for people who have what it takes to change the world one dust bunny at a time. As long as you come with a few requirements under your belt, you may have a chance of becoming the newest member of the Pro Power Clean team.

Ready for a rewarding career in commercial cleaning? Check out our open positions today!