Employee Spotlight: Robert DeRose

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/14/2016 - 09:56

Employee Spotlight

Robert is the shop assistant here at Pro Power Clean. He has been working here now for almost a year and a half. Mostly his days consist of doing laundry, restocking supplies, and refueling vehicles for our night crews. Robert does a lot of the prep work for most of our employees. He makes sure that they have everything that they need to do their job right.

Robert retired from working an inflight catering service job with the City of Boise in 2013 and he has a rental property in Washington. Robert told me that he doesn’t work at this job because he needs the money. He works at this job because he loves talking to the people here. “ We have a lot of interesting people who work here. People from all sorts of backgrounds, young and old. If you just take the time to talk to them it can be very rewarding.” Robert is the constant drum in our business, pounding endless forward, driving our way towards success. Robert isn’t in the spotlight much but today we honor him for his tireless work, dedication to our company, and for his love of his fellow employees. Thank you, Robert. We appreciate all that you do.