Do Your Restrooms Need Commercial Cleaning?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/12/2021 - 10:49
Commercial cleaner cleaning the bathroom

You can have the kindest employees, the best customer service, and the most amazing company in the world--but if your restrooms aren't sparkling clean, potential and existing clients alike might still form negative impressions. Don't let bathrooms get in your way; here are a few signs you need commercial cleaning (and how it helps put these rooms where they belongs: at the very back of your mind!).

When to Turn to Commercial Cleaning

Whether you were born with a scrub-brush in your hand or you can't stand the thought of cleaning a bathroom, one thing is clear: You may not know when it's time to call in the commercial cleaning experts. After all, you get used to the state of your company's restrooms--so even a nasty situation can start to seem commonplace.

Here are a few red flags that suggest your bathrooms are calling for help:

You don't clean frequently or completely.

If you believe in the "good enough" approach when it comes to bathroom cleaning, customers and other visitors will start to notice. This is especially true if your restrooms see high traffic or if you're prone to regularly missing the same areas when you clean.

You've got bad ventilation.

Bad bathroom ventilation can be responsible for dust buildup, lingering odors, and other restroom resentment. Most folks aren't equipped to handle a problem that is literally built in to the room.

Things are always broken.

Broken toilets, sinks, or hand-drying stations aren't just a frustration--they're also a sign that your restrooms need help.

Commercial Cleaning the Right Way

So your bathrooms are in peril. What can you do?

It's time to call the experts.

A commercial cleaning company will handle everything from top to bottom. A good cleaning company will know how to:

  • scrub hard-to-reach places
  • eliminate odors without the use of harsh chemicals
  • stock you up with toilet paper and soap
  • schedule their service during your least busy times
  • and more

In conclusion, a commercial cleaning company is your restroom's best friend so you don't have to be. That's good news for you, your employees, your customers, and even your bottom line. Here are a few tips on choosing the right commercial cleaning company!

Ready to see how commercial cleaning can transform your restrooms? Contact us today!