Do You Use a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service and How Often?

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professional cleaner at work

You do everything you can to take good care of your company--but do you hire commercial cleaning experts to help? Here's what you need to know (and how often to call in the pros!).

Commercial Cleaning Best Practices

To get the most out of janitorial services, it's important to know how often your place of business actually needs a good cleaning. However, this can depend on a few factors--so here's what to think about:

How many people use the area?

The more people use an area, the more often you'll need help from janitorial services. Even if people don't linger for long periods of time, it's still important to consider this detail when planning your commercial cleaning schedule.

Have employees recently been sick?

If employees are getting sick, that could mean two things: One, that your current cleaning routine isn't eliminating the right germs; and two, that you need to bump up the frequency of your cleanings until everyone's feeling better.

How big is the space?

A big space gives people more room to spread out, but it's also more difficult to clean on your own. In general, larger offices or workspaces need to be cleaned by janitorial services more frequently.

What does your own cleaning schedule look like?

If you do some of the cleaning yourself, how often does that happen? What can you reach and what always gets left out? While it's great to do your own cleaning, you probably don't have certain equipment and materials that could make the work a lot easier; however, if you perform regular, quick cleans, you may not need to have a deep cleaning quite as often.


Commercial cleaning is just one more step you can take to give your company a little TLC. However, like everything else you do for your business, it's highly personal--so remember to consider things like the size of the space and the number of employees or visitors when talking to janitorial services experts.

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