Creativity in the Workplace

Office Cleaning Boise

Do you ever feel that your day-to-day duties have become mundane? There is no greater enemy to productivity than boredom. Someone once told me “there is no such thing as boring things, just boring people.” So when your job starts to get dull, it’s your responsibility to turn it around!

Some say that incorporating a little creativity into your daily tasks can stimulate productivity and positivity for the rest of your day. This is a great way to make work just a little more fun, especially for those whose jobs are not typically considered “creative”. Many may argue that janitorial can’t be creative but we beg to differ. Creativity in our industry is the combination of problem solving, change and innovation. Our goal is to stay on the top of our industry and remain relevant for our clients. When a new area of interest arises, we are able to shift our focus to meet that need. We offer creative solutions for clients that may need more than our standard service. When we walk through a building, we will suggest customized services to relate to our clients specific needs outside of the standard practice. Everyone has their own unique needs for their janitorial service and it is our job to come up with a creative solution whether it means a special product, type of service or account management.

Get creative! How can you improve your work day while improving your company’s quality of service?

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