Cloud Storage...The best options

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 03/23/2016 - 13:41

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There are a lot of cloud-based storage options out there but many of them are not that useful. Here at Pro Power Clean, we use Google Drive. Google Drive is an incredibly useful tool for any business. Most businesses already have a Gmail account and Drive is automatically included in the Google Apps Suite when you sign up for a Gmail account. Drive gives you the most storage space for free of any cloud-based service on the market. You get 15 GB for free, and you can get 1TB for $9.99 a month. A terabyte of storage is more than enough for the average user unless they are storing high-resolution media like 4K video files, but for everyone else a terabyte is fine.

The possibilities within Google apps are endless. You can use Docs to create custom invoices that any employee with a Gmail account can adjust at will. They can even add a digital signature to the document if needed. They can also share each document, spreadsheet, and presentation for collaborative editing between coworkers. With Keep, you can take notes, give yourself to-do lists, and set time-based reminders to make you forget about any task. And all of your content is protected by the encryption of the Google Front End server.

I have found Dropbox to be a nightmare to work with. One of the disadvantages of the program is that administrators who maintain the program have the right to delete information from free, inactive accounts. So if you don’t use your Dropbox account for a few months it is unlikely that you will be able to log back in. Or if you do some of your data may not be there. I have also found that the desktop version sometimes doesn’t sync files correctly. This can be incredibly annoying and a huge waste of time if you are trying to upload many documents at once and you find that only half of the documents were uploaded. Another problem is that the encryption used to secure data on Dropbox is only known to developers. Users are not allowed to perform encryption on their information before uploading it to Dropbox. And the biggest downfall of the program is that Dropbox doesn’t give you what Drive gives you for free. You only get 2GB for free verses Drive’s 15GB.I see no advantages to using Dropbox whatsoever. Google Drive is definitely the better option and I encourage every business owner to see what Drive can do for them.