Cleaning a Rubber Floor

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Rubber floors aren't exactly commonplace in most buildings--can you imagine how different the business world would be if board meetings and big financial decisions took place on the soft, durable, and reliable rubber of gyms or training facilities? Because we are more used to tile, carpet, or hardwood, the idea of cleaning rubber floors can raise some questions; luckily, our Boise Cleaning Company experts know how to handle it.

Rubber Floors

Rubber floors are highly valued in certain types of facilities because they offer comfort and safety for physical activity. There are two basic types of rubber flooring--rolled commercial flooring, and rubber "tiles" that fit together like a puzzle--and each has a few unique cleaning considerations. The truth is that, while rubber flooring is extremely mold resistant and has a long lifetime, it requires careful and methodical cleaning in order to remain safe, attractive, and efficient. Our Boise Cleaning Company experts know how to keep your rubber floor clean in all the right ways!

Cleaning Tips

Here's a quick look at cleaning tips for rubber floors!

  • Daily maintenance. A little bit of maintenance every day goes a long way in the long run, and it can extend the lifetime and efficiency of your rubber flooring. Running a vacuum or a mop over the rubber once a day will keep stains, dirt, and other debris from gathering up.
  • Chemicals. One problem with rubber floors is that they are slightly more sensitive than their hardwood, carpet, or tile siblings; the kind of chemicals that you can use on your kitchen floor, for example, would ruin your rubber floor. Avoid harsh chemicals, solvents, and oil cleaners, and clean up any spills immediately to avoid permanent damage.
  • Water. It's instinct to think that good cleaning requires a lot of water, but when it comes to rubber flooring, less is more. Water can cause the delicate adhesive of a rubber floor to wash away or weaken, making the floor less attractive, less comfortable, and possibly even less safe. Use a small amount of water when washing, and avoid bringing drinks on or near the rubber.

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