Clean Windows Can Talk

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 06/18/2015 - 11:54

Commercial Cleaning

Nothing says "sketchy" like dark, dirty windows. A window with an inch of grime or hard water makes everyone wonder "Is that business hiding something?" Windows communicate a message to customers whether you realize it or not.

Here are 5 valid reasons to have a team come shine up your windows:

  1. Clean windows mean transparency. Clean windows stand for accountability and transparency. Your company's integrity means there is nothing to hide--so celebrate that with streak-free window panes.

  2. Clean windows showcase what is inside. Whether it's happy customers eating their food or a professional, sophisticated lobby, clean windows are one of your best marketing tools. They portray a tiny picture of what your business does, and that's just as effective as an advertisement.

  3. Clean windows make a statement about your company's responsibility. As with every area of your building, cleanliness says that you care about the little things. Cleaning Company Boise can relate because we thrive on making even the little things appear at their best. You have ONE chance at making a first impression. Cobweb-free, streak-free and stain-free windows help make it a good one.

  4. Clean windows boost the morale of your employees. Sunshine and vitamin D improve both moods and health. An office can feel more life-giving and cheerful when the unhindered sun can stream through. Your employees will love it.

  5. Clean windows display the Treasure Valley views. Remind yourself of the amazing valley you live and work in. Don't let smudges get in the way of enjoying the beautiful sights of Boise!

To schedule a cleaning window session, contact Cleaning Company Boise. Our designated window crew cleans inside and outside of your windows--unleashing all the great benefits mentioned!