The Best Ever Solution for Restroom Maintenance

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Nothing is worse than having to use an uncleaned restroom. With so many people passing through commercial restrooms staying on top of maintenance can be an issue. So how do you tackle the problem of keeping a clean restroom? Let’s first look at what you don’t want to see.

Signs You Need a Cleaning Company

The first sign of a dirty restroom can often be noticed before or right when opening the door, an unwelcoming stench. Our sense of smell is the easiest to offend, and it doesn’t take much. A bad odor also usually conveys that there is a risk of contracting germs and illness. Here are a few other signs the restroom has not been taken care of:

  • Toilet paper, soap, and towels are not stocked
  • Mirrors are streaked or smudged
  • Trash containers are full
  • Floors are dirty with accumulated dust

If you notice these issues regularly, it’s time to contact a cleaning company.

What Effective Cleaning Looks Like

When a cleaning company does the job right, you can tell. A properly cleaned restroom is almost unnoticeable because nothing unpleasant stands out. Here’s how you can tell a restroom has been taken care of:

  • There is no need to look for supplies; they are at hand
  • A fresh scent not masked with chemicals
  • Stalls are in working order
  • Counters are clean and free of standing water

Mediocre Won’t Cut It

Your commercial restroom leaves an impression on everyone who utilizes it. To take the pressure off staying on top of maintenance, hire a cleaning company who will make it their priority to keep the restroom in top shape. There is no in between when it comes to a clean bathroom, it's either great, or it’s not.

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