Are Residential and Commercial Cleaning the Same Thing?

Submitted by Tech Support on Wed, 09/14/2022 - 10:17
cleaner holding bucket of cleaning supplies

Do you know the difference between residential and commercial cleaning services? Do you know how these two approaches overlap? Here's a closer look at each service and when you might need one instead of the other!

Commercial Cleaning vs. Residential Cleaning

Some people think that, because commercial cleaning services are designed for large-scale needs, they'll do a better job cleaning your home than a residential service. However, the truth is that these are two totally different approaches--and if you're looking to hire either one, it's important to understand what you're looking for.

Here's what to know about commercial cleaning vs. residential cleaning:


The key thing to know about these cleaning services is that they're true to their names.

Commercial cleaning is all about workplaces. Hospitals, schools, office buildings--if people work there, a commercial cleaning service can help keep the area safe and hygienic. Unique parts of this service can include cleaning machinery and equipment, managing hazardous material spills, regular janitorial services, and more.

Residential cleaning, meanwhile, is the kind of cleaning service you'd need for your home. A residential cleaning company may not have the same equipment or perform the same tasks as a commercial cleaning company, but they're specially suited to handle your house's needs.


Now, let's cover a few things that might make these services look interchangeable at first glance:

  • Windows: Both residential and commercial cleaning services have expertise in cleaning windows. However, residential services are more focused on one-, two-, or three-story windows, while commercial cleaning companies sometimes have to scale very tall buildings to get to higher workplace windows.
  • Floors: Cleaning services of both kinds can help you take care of your floors. While residential experts handle carpets, hardwood, and other home flooring materials, commercial cleaning handles a much larger variety, including stone, concrete, and ceramic.
  • Bathrooms: Residential cleaning companies can do a great job cleaning your home's bathrooms. Commercial cleaning companies, on the other hand, have to handle much larger areas with numerous sinks, soap dispensers, stalls, and more.


Residential and commercial cleaning may have some similarities, but they're definitely not the same thing. If you want your house cleaned, look for residential experts; if your cleaning needs are specific to your workplace, it's time to call a commercial cleaning company.

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